DIY Decor: Removable Decorative Vinyl Wall Stickers

wall sticker black white city
Wall stickers are not the first thing people think of for decorating a living, dining or bedroom space. However, these are not just designed for kids these days - there are also simple, modern and minimalist wall sticker designs that work well even in elegant spaces as well as playful patterns that work for retro and vintage spaces.
wall stickers city skylines wall stickers vintage retro
At the other end of the spectrum are colorful retro designs that approximate the silhouettes of classically shaped furniture and furnishing objects, from chandeliers and grandfather clocks to candlestick holders and decorative picture frames and blues, whites, browns and golds.
wall stickers creative fun design
Likewise more fun and funky are various object-oriented stickers that feature lifelike outlines as well as over-sized and/or highly abstracted depictions of real-life items.
wall sticker futuristic
While they may not last forever, small wall sticker decals to jumbo murals are a relatively durable and easy-to-do solution for depressingly blank interior surfaces. They might not be fine art but they are certainly cheap and simple to acquire and apply by comparison.

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